Twinkles Preschool Where we shine without struggle! .
Twinkles PreschoolWhere we shine without struggle!   .


 09.00   Self Registration, Welcome song, Talking about the weather, day of the week , birthdays and helper of the day.

Free play - Indoor/ Outdoor free flow. 

Supported creative activity

Activities include role-play, small world play, construction, quiet area, ICT play, puzzles, physical area. Throughout this time adults will be supporting children as they develop social and self-help skills, and gain knowledge in the 7 areas of learning.  Our welcoming environment allows choice, independence, enjoyment and countless opportunities to develop and achieve.

Twinkles Guided activity

Practitioners support children in small groups on guided activities which will focus on working together and turn taking, letters and activities based around the seven areas of learning. 

10.30    Snack & Milk time

Children sit together at a table to have snack and milk or water. They listen to nursery rhyme at this time.

The garden is opened to allow a choice of playing in or outside in varying weather conditions.  The 7 areas of learning will also be met on a daily basis in the garden with social, physical, imaginary and focused play activities.

11.45    Music on and tidy up time.

The music will play giving the children advance notice that play time is coming to an end, therefore giving opportunity to  complete or set aside games and activities to return to during a future session before tidy up time.

12.00     Circle Time/ Key Group Time

The children are invited to come together to join in with social and communicative songs and games, including signing. Some children benefit from Nurture time which is a smaller group in a quiet environment.

12.10     Story and Song Time

We will join back together for nursery rhymes and a story with children joining in story telling, acting as characters and various props and resources used to involve and inspire the children.


12- 12.30      Lunch Time

12.30-1.30      Freeflow

1.30- 1.45     Tidy up time

1.50- 1.55- Goodbye song and reward time

2pm- Hometime


We had a visit from Santa on Tuesday 17th December. We were so excited!


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